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Hey guys

I did the IYSO this summer and I do have to say that this was pretty much THE best summer of my life
You guys are gonna have so much fun next summer, especially since you're going to Belgium anddd it's Fritzy-Poo's last year
Anyways, I compiled a list [one of those "100 ways you know..."]

100 ways you know you went to IYSO 06...

1. When people talk about their summers, you chime in with, "This
one time in Germany..."

2. Sideways peace signs mean so much more to you.

3. You enjoy hauling timpani through the airport.

4. Blodgett feels like a home away from home.

5. You know how to play "Beyond the Sea"/"La Mer" from memory.

6. You know what the term "princess" refers to.


8. 2nd violin passion punches

9. augustus' pain face

10. You can play shakira on whatever instrument you play.

11. Forget American Pie, you can tell your own Band Camp stories
(that get EVEN BETTER when you go to europe).

12. You speak german in your spanish class.

13. The CHICKEN!!!

14. You think every cello section you meet will be just as out of

15. When you sit in a full orchestra you look confused becasue
you're trying to figure out where all your iyso buddies are.

16. You've done too many things that are illegal in america but not
where you were.

17. When you ride the bus to school, you wonder why the opposite
gender is on it.

18. You've seen enough of Zach's rear-end to last you a lifetime.

19. You've shared poop stories on the way to France.

20. You wonder why the viola section doesn't sound so good

21. You've noticed how little you school conductor sweats compared
to Fritz.

22. People look at you funny when you say you've played in the

23. All parties seem like nothing compared to that night in Baden

24. u find it weird that u can walk into any restroom and not have to
pay the uh .50 euro fee to get in

25. wen u look out the window on the highway u dont c a huge wall
of trees blocking your view

26. u expect a motor cycle to go blaring past u wen u look out the
window, but to ur disappointment it doesnt come

27. The term "mountain dew" has a whole new meaning

28. You can't understand how the waitress at Pinheads thought you
were ordering vodka when you asked for "Fawnta."

29. You multiply all prices by about 1.25 to convert Euros to dollars.

30. When traveling on buses, you are convinced you are not allowed to sit by a member of the opposite sex

31. You get upset when Coke doesn't come in 1.5 liter bottles.

32. You think a pocketful of change is worth about $3.

33. You get mad when your parents don't pack you half your body weight in food for lunch.

34. You ask if bottled has "bubbles." When people stare blankly,
you clarify with various hand gestures and words such as "fizzies."

35. You scream a number from 1-40 whenever attendance is taken

36. The five-hour car ride to Grandma's seems short.

37. You wonder why your family doesn't pass you on after 3 days.

38. You get overly excited every time you see a rest stop.

39. You insert random German words such as "Danke, bitte, ja, &
nein" into the conversation.

40. The waitress looks at you weird because you asked for a "Coke Lite."

41. You have at least one weird host sibling story.

42. You now expect the sink and the toilet to be in separate rooms.

43. You complain about how American money isn't "pretty."

44. You sleep with a permanent crick in your neck from sleeping on the bus

45. You speak to everyone in the smallest words possible to make sure they understand you.

46. You're full of scorn for anyone who considers a less than thirteen-hour rehearsal in less than 110-degree heat long or hot.

47. Your friends tune you out as soon as you say, "This summer..."

48. Stories of getting up at 4:00 AM to leave for the airport make you sigh and shake your head.

49. American ice cream is just no good anymore.

50. You consider yourself deprived if there's no chocolate in your breakfast.

51. You wake up every morning wondering what country you're in.

52. Your parents have never met any of the friends you talk about.

53. Your vocabulary has changed almost entirely.

54. At the end of a concert, you feel compelled to stand up and sing, or at least shout, "Danke shoen, guten nacht!" if the people clap for too long.

55. An audience that doesn't clap at every bar of rest is a let down.

56. You start adding the word "host" as a prefix to every noun (like "My host-dog was chasing me around, and then I ran into my host-boyfriend, who knocked over our host-plant").

57. You arrive at your concert half an hour late, and wonder why everyone got there so early.

58. After your youth symphony rehearsal, you packed up your instrument and left it in the rehearsal hall. The next day at school, you wonder why it hasn't been delivered yet.

59. You weigh your backpack every day to make sure that it's under 30 pounds.

60. You carry around a bottle of Nutella at all times, just in case.

61. You get excited when you can go on the Internet.

62. You find it weird that your conductor doesn't give you pep talks during intermissions.

63. You start getting bored at receptions that were held in your honor.

64. You know what a Dutch auction is.

65. Gyros, sausages, and coffee just isn't the same

66. You can actually say that red bull ice cream exists

67. You wonder why people around you don't ask you if you know Paris Hilton

68. You have seen Anchorman more than once

69. You walk into a gas station and you're suprised to see normal magazines on the shelf

70. You're going through gummy bear and those coke gummy things withdrawal

71. You walk onto a bus and wonder why it's not air-conditioned

72. You have a picture of the side of the bus, RAYNAL and all

73. Watching any game isn't the same without the 20 bigscreen tvs

74. You have developed a tolerance for cigarette smoke

75. You go to the pool and forget that they don't sell beer there

76. You got to ride in the bright neon pimp-mobile

77. You start getting sleepy when someone mentions vasser

78. You have over 150 pictures.. at least

79. You wear Germany world cup clothes.

80. You can explain how much cooler the world cup is vs. american football.

81. You sing german world cup songs.

82. You roll your shirt under instead of tucking it in.

83. You cringe every time you hear someone play the first 4 lines of that De Beriot concerto #09

84. When you think of chicken thighs you start laughing.

85. You try and rap like Augustus.

86. You want the concert to be moved earlier because the match starts at 6:30.

87. You want to find that mound of buried badges near the vending machines.

88. You don't understand those weird signs on the highway that say "speed limit."

89. You think American rest stops suck.

90. all in all, american food just isn't as appealing anymore

91. You smirk everytime someone says bassoon bc you know how to say it in another language

and.. i cant think of any more to add

**ohh, and a word to the wise: If you're a violinist, do the strolling. TRUST ME

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